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A authentic holidays in the Oasis for enjoy your free time and enjoy the weather, the ancestral culture of Elche, natural parks, beaches and plenty of leisure that offers the environment for your relaxation and fun.

 Elche, (Ilici Augusta to the Romans), was born from the hands of the Iberians in the V century BC, but in nearby areas are remnants of previous inhabitants. In its 26 centuries of history, has long been an enclave near the sea and out of interior products in this way, while cultures port and stop all trade routes of spanish east.

In 26 BC, the Romans formed the colony Iullia Ilici Augusta, creating in Elche a vial structure and infrastructure that today can continue looking at various spaces.

The historical value of the city, is praised with the masterpiece of Arab people and the creation of an ingenious irrigation system that fed the complex network of gardens sheltered in the shade of palm trees, creating the famous “Palm Grove of Elche” World Heritage by UNESCO. It is the palm grove with largest latitude created by the Arabs, for their climate difference are the later dates which can be arranged, with a huge variety of types of dates in the Palm Grove of Elche.

A holiday in Elche, is feeling his ancestral history, is to contemplate the wits from another time, plunging into its museums and its extensive cultural and artistic life.

A holiday in Elche, is resting in the shade of an oasis, explore its unique natural parks, walk through the beaches and rich marine environment… a Mediterranean holiday in which culture and relaxation are protagonists.

Do not miss on your vacation:

Beaches in Elche

Arenales del Sol beach: Just 12 miles from downtown, southeast found the beautiful dunes and fine sand of Arenales del Sol Residential Area for excellence in summer, has over 6 miles of sandy beach, equipment and leisure services, to enjoy the Mediterranean with great detail.

El Altet beach: This small beach belongs to the dunes so its natural state, its vegetation and its beautiful views make it a corner especially recommended for those who want quiet beaches and small with little crowds. Especially recommended for couples.

El Carabassí beach: Near the cliffs of Santa Pola, found the beach of El Carabassi a Mediterranean pine forest and in a clear day with views of the nearby island of Tabarca. A natural paradise full of life, rocky and sandy beaches, beautiful postcards under the lighthouse and the sea. El Carabassi is well known for its lively summer nights with chill out of design and luxury.


Elche, the second largest city in the province of Alicante, has an extensive range of leisure activities for all tastes. We particularly recommend:

National Historic Garden Huerto del Cura: Our beloved garden of 170 years, home to unique species from around the world. Lovingly care for decades has had illustrious visitors as Elisabeth of AustriaSissi, as well as close links with the world of culture, art and humanism, being appreciated in his book al Personalities Signatures as Miguel de Unamuno, Gerardo Diego and Rafael Alberti, among a long list of illustrious visitors. The Garden also have a unique botanical jewel in the world, the “Palmera Imperial”, palm symmetrical 8-arm marveled for nearly two centuries to millions of visitors from around the world is named in honor of the visit of the Empress Austrian in 1894. A must for Palm Grove Essence.

Rio Sarafi Elche: Only 8 kilometers from Huerto del Cura, found the Rio Safari Park, one of the most attractive offers to visit with children, as their shows with elephants, lions bath or feed the lemurs, are highly interactive activities that leave their mark among the smallest. Especially recommended to visit family.

Elche in bike: The topography of Elche easy to meet her in bike. One of the most popular activities that are increasingly more visitors. Among palms, spectacular monuments and gardens, you can enjoy Elche in two wheels.

Water Route: The irrigation system devised by the Arabs is not only regarded as a masterpiece of engineering at the time, but also vertebra various themed tours of the city and its surroundings. A guided tour of the route water will you get into the culture of Elche live full and in person what their ancestral villagers appreciated in this beautiful city.

Shopping: Elche, a city that grew up with an intense economic activity linked to the industry and especially the shoes, now has a modern shopping offer that unique find from pieces in stores at numerous streets and squares of the historic center to a unique proposal out of town, the “Outlet Route”, where visitors can tour the Brands like Panama Jack, Martinelli, Pikolinos outlets and many others.


MAHE: The Archaeology and History Museum of Elche is one of the milestones for know our past and appreciate the vestiges that the various cultures that inhabited Elche have left us a legacy. A modern museum also has a rich program of cultural activities, workshops and tours, forming an obligatory visit to the city.

Pusol Museum: The center of recovery and conservation of traditional culture Elche, was born as part of an educational project aimed at preserving the traditional practices and customs among students of Elche, to keep the historical richness. Including some very popular shopping center of the years 1940-1970. Over the years, the work of the Museum has expanded, counting today with multiple exposures on the traditional culture and customs, activities, workshops, training activities. A look back to a way of life unique and very Mediterranean. Especially recommended to visit with children.

The Alcudia: Archaeological site dating from the Neolithic, which found extensive collections of unique pieces from the Bronze Age, the Roman and Arabic. It was found the famous “Lady of Elche” female bust with exceptional technical perfection dated between IV and V centuries BC. The Lady of Elche is possibly one of the most beloved and recognized by the Ilicitanos. Visit recommended for families with an interest in culture.