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Restaurant Els Capellans


The flavors of Elche

The glass wall leads to the palm grove, pool, paved paths… In the kitchen, our chef, Jesús Gómez Bedoya, final the preparations of creamy rice dish. It’s ready to serve. The diners are waiting at the table. They have heard a lot of about rice of the house. They chat, offer with a glass of wine. Someone points out and propose give then a walk, follow that path that lost behind the palms… a radiant day.

Our cousine

Creative mediterranean cuisine, elaborated with market products, always fresh and first quality.

Our classics: arroz con costra, arroz a banda, the dessert of Cura, lobster’s salad with seasonal vegetables and herbal oil, melon gazpacho with lobster.

Bodega: We provide you a complete wine list with different designation of origin.

The Chef: Jesús Gómez Bedoya was born in Paris at 1967. After complete his studies of Hospitality in the School of Santander and  the Superior of Santiago de Compostela decides to embark on a journey of three years for various restaurants on the Mediterranean coast. In 1989 he takes charge of the kitchens of the Hotel Huerto del Cura. His desire to excel takes to continue their education through various courses of CDT (vacuum cooking, baking for restaurants, kitchen management, informatics …), in addition to participating in different stages with the most important chefs in the country.

Our gastronomy, known and recognized throughout the country, is a guarantee of a healthy, natural and high quality.

Gazpacho de melón

Artichoke hearts stuffed with oxtail gratin nail


Dentex back with artichokes and shrimp

Ensalada templada de rape, alcachofas y ajos tiernos

Creme brulee of whiskey with coffee ice cream and chocolate sauce

Gardens and terraces

All Restaurante Els Capellans is arranged so that while enjoying delicious cuisine, you can see the beautiful landscape of palm trees around the Hotel Huerto del Cura.

In addition, the restaurant has a large terrace by the pool, where you can enjoy the good weather, delicious meals outdoors. At night it becomes a unique chill-out space.

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